SRG members take part in many outreach activities organized by the department and the university, which include Nevada Bound Tour, Nevada State Science Olympiad and EngineerΓÇÖs Day. These activities are intended to inspire local middle and high school students for interests and passion in science and engineering. See below the photos of SRG members at these events:

Social Science Event organized by Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. (Shuai explaining how thin wire buckling can be engineered towards robotic needle design; April 16, 2018)

Engineer's Day2017

EngineerΓÇÖs Day 2017 (Left: Soft Gripper by Milad; Center: Reinforced Wire Buckling by Amir; Right: Tunable Adhesion by Patrick; April 2017)

Engineer's Day2017

Nevada Bound Tour Certificate for Milad:

Nevada Bound Tour

EngineerΓÇÖs Day 2016 (Left: Reinforced Wire Buckling, Right: Soft Gripper; April 12, 2016)

Engineer's Day2016

Nevada State Science Olympiad (Amir as coach; March 5, 2016)